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IT Risks and Incidents Management

Information systems evolve over time. At the time of their installation, the ISD is able to assert where and how the data are stored, transmitted and processed. But with the introduction of new uses and new equipments, the computer network is becoming increasingly complex.

If the complexity of the information system allows agility, profitability and resilience; it also makes it more difficult to identify a computer failure or compromised data. An organization must invent each component of its information system and the data it manages to effectively respond to any incident.

Computer security is not just about hardware or software. The reliability of the network also depends on the implementation of efficient protocols. Monitoring the information system and the ongoing inventory of computer tools, and the data it deals with are part of good practice to adopt.

The mistake is also to think that IT security concerns only the IT department. It is the responsibility of everyone because the consequences of an incident go beyond the information system and the whole of the company depends on the computer tool.