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Corporate digitalization

This refers to the process for an organization to fully integrate digital technologies into all its activities. Digitization is much more than setting up new sales and communication channels, it is a transformation of the entire company and its management.

Several approaches can lead to an optimal management and value creation of its data. Some ERP editors or business software will recommend their solutions to support all data, in a new structure, with a technological environment limited to their solutions. One of the strengths of all technological tasks available to businesses is the possibility of synchronization, thanks to APIs. So, digital transformation does not necessarily mean big changes or creative destruction.
The possibility of communication between the various integrated software and online services allows the creation of “Overlays” or additional modules acting on its installed solutions. About the data and information management, for example, it is possible to create an interface where the files and their data are aggregated, cleaned and sorted in order to make intelligible and accessible quantity of knowledge and information previously dispersed.