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Audit of information systems

The computer audit, the audit of information systems evaluates the risks of a computer environment or an application, for example, wages or billing. These missions are made by choosing, with the client, the business processes to be evaluated, as well as the COBIT processes to be evaluated among the 34 proposed.

Auditing an IT environment may involve assessing IT risks related to physical security, logical security, change management, backup plan, and so on. usually the case – to meet a specific customer request. For instance, appreciate the information and systems availability. The COBIT allows you to search for a process. In the case of the availability: for instance, performances and capacities management and the continuity plan.

The services we offer in Audit are as follows:

– Audit of the IT infrastructure

– Audit of the computer application

– Audit of an information system

A computer audit, audit of information systems does not necessarily concern security. Indeed, it can be used to evaluate strategic or quality aspects of information systems. For example, answer the following question: Do enterprise information systems respond effectively to the needs of business services? The approach is very similar, choose and evaluate the IT processes proposed by the COBIT that best meet the client’s demand and objectives.